Best Scented Wax

Brown Wax Warmer (Use with our Triple Scented Melts)

$34.95 $29.50

Our chocolate brown 2 in 1 candle warmers feature a unique design that uses both jar candle warmers and scented tarts.  Simply place a standard jar candle on the warming plate, turn the candle warmer on and enjoy the fresh, crisp scent of a burning candle without ever lighting a match.

You can also use the included tart dish to melt a scented tart. It will warm the tart to release it's aroma, infusing your home with the fragrance. Brown candle warmer is made of quality ceramic and easily wipes clean.

On/off switch build into power cord. Warmer has a light on the front to let you know at a glance when the warmer is on. Candle warmer measures 3 1/2" high and 5" in diameter and uses 20 watts of power.

Item Weight: 2 lbs