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New Clam Shells
As of 9/9/17 we have important information regarding our clam shells/wax containers.

The short and to the point announcement: We are changing our clam shells to new easy open clam shells! Our list at the bottom shows which fragrances have yet to be transitioned to the new style shells.

The longer and detailed explanation announcement: Our supplier has discontinued the style of clam shells we have been using since the beginning of our company. While we hate to change anything about our product we think the new alternative in this case is a change for the better. The new style of clam shell is now designed to be easy open. This for us is a very big deal because the one complaint we did receive every so often about our product was that the clam shells could be difficult to open. The new easy open design removes this issue entirely. We received a few samples of the new shell style and really like it. Our supplier has been very considerate in dealing with our company and has carried the old style of clam shells for us throughout the Summer, while they discontinued the style for other customers during the Spring time. We have been using the last few months to figure out a solution to our issue and only had two choices. To either change the style of the clam shells or find a new supplier. While we wanted to stick to our old style of shells, other suppliers who still had them were asking far too much for a price. This would have meant an increase in cost for our product to be made which would mean we need to start charging more, which we didn't want to do. So we have decided to proceed with the first option and change our clam shell style to the new easy open design.

We have received our initial shipment of the new clam shells and are excited to start implementing them into our inventory of fragrances. This will be a slow process however as we need to go through our inventory of old/original clam shells and our pre-existing product. So this means that not every fragrance will be transitioned into the new shells at the same time. So for you, the customer, you may receive an order with all new clam shells, all older style clam shells, or a mix somewhere in between. This does not mean the product itself is old. For us, if a product has been in our inventory for more than three months, it is discarded. That doesn't mean our product has such a short shelf life, we as the manufacturer just choose to only keep the freshest product available for sale. We know not every one uses our product as soon as they get it, some times it stays in a home for months before the owner decides to use it. Knowing this, we try to make sure that the product is as fresh as possible before we ship it to you. We want to just make it very clear that just because your order doesn't have new shells or an older shell mixed in with your order, it doesn't mean the wax itself is old at all! It just means at the time of manufacturing that fragrance there was the older style clam shell available for that day it was made.

For reference we have compiled a master list of all the fragrances that have yet to be made in the new clam shell style. Again, this does not mean that all of the following are "super old" or "really old" wax, as stated before, we have to go through all of our old style shells which will take time (we've got several boxes full of them!) before we transition a fragrance to the new shell. So if you see a fragrance listed here it means that fragrance is still using the old clam shell style.
Fragrances Using The Old Clam Shell Style
  • Citronella

Last Updated 9/16/18