Best Scented Wax: New Fragrances Added 5/22/20 Check Announcements For Details!
New Fragrances As of 5/22/20!
We're excited to announce five new fragrances as of today that have been added to our lineup!
Aspen Woods
Butt Naked
All five are available for purchase, please check their respective product pages for more details on each!

We're also really excited to announce over the Summer months and into the early Fall we're going to be added lots more fragrances! The most we've ever added in such a short time period. We'll announce them as they become available, please check the site every so often to see if there has been new additions. We also want to take this time to ask: what kind of fragrance would you like to see? We're always happy to hear suggestions about what we could add. Feel free to drop us an email at

While we're happy to announce new fragrances, we do have to break unfortunate news too. We have a lot of scents and that's something we really pride ourselves on. We want a selection where everyone can find at least one thing they'd like. However, we also realize we can't keep adding to our inventory without making room first. Despite moving our warehouse (several times) over the years, space is always an issue. To deal with that we do have to make the tough choice to drop fragrances occasionally. Over the next few months while we're adding new scents, we're going to also be discontinuing others. We will post announcements about which ones those are as the time comes. We'll try and give a good heads-up when the time comes so people who like a particular fragrance can stock up! Please remember, once we're out of wax melts for a particular scent that's being discontinued, that's it. It's gone for good. So please order if there's something you really like, or would like to try, before it's gone!

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