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How We Got Started:

As a customer myself I had been buying all brands of scented wax melts. It was frustrating because none of the scented waxes seem to last very long or had a good aroma throw.  I decided to study up on the science behind what makes a STRONG AND LASTING wax melt. After spending hours in my shop and experimenting on what it would take to saturate the wax molecules I came up with a working formula. After that I made various fragrances and used them in our home and gave them to friends and family. Then I decided to go in business with my partner and so we started We are our name for sure!

Our goal is to provide handmade 3x stronger wax melts and provide excellent customer service. We found the best wax that was formulated just for tart melts and it offers a lasting throw of fragrance. Now we ship out our triple scented waxes from our home town in Tyler, Texas to all over the continental United States. We invite you to smell for yourself the difference today.

Each Pound Of Soy Wax Is Saturated With Fragrance   Fragrance Is Carefully Measured For Max Aroma

We Take Careful Effort to Ensure Quality Products                       Every Shell is Hand Poured Daily