Strongest And Longest lasting Wax Melts
We have updated our internal shipping calculator on our website. The USPS recently adjusted shipping rates and this was causing some customers to see shipping prices too high for their orders when they went to checkout. Thanks to all who have let us know about this! We've recently adjusted all of our products to be more in line with the USPS' new pricing. Also, we have added First Class as a shipping option. This is a generally (but not always) lower cost shipping option that is eligible on small orders (usually about three shells or less). The availability of this option as a shipping method will vary depending on your order size and your exact shipping address. This is a perfect option for those who are wanting to try a certain fragrance or want to re-order a particular favorite!
Also please note, sometimes shipping method is changed at time of shipment. Meaning that we will sometimes send a Retail Ground package as Priority or a Retail Ground package as First Class. The reason this is done is based off shipping time. If we can get an order to you quicker based off of the shipping price we will send it whatever way gets it to you sooner. Priority Mail orders are never changed as this is always the fastest shipping method we offer.