Strongest And Longest lasting Wax Melts
How We Got Started:
As a consumer myself I have been buying candles and other scented products for my home and business for years. However, I was never totally satisfied with the strength of most fragrance products sold. After trying most scenting methods, I discovered that the scented wax cube was the most effective for scenting the room and maintaining the fragrance. I still had a problem with even this seemingly perfect solution, the wax cubes were only effective within 4-5 feet from my warmer.
I asked myself, what would it take to manufacture a stronger smelling cube? I discovered the key was to safely saturate the soy wax with a higher level of fragrance. After experimenting I have discovered that by saturating the soy wax with fragrance it provided a much superior smell over what I feel is on the market today. Once I made the product myself and wanted others to enjoy it as well I decided to open up this business and offer the BEST SCENTED WAX at a reasonable cost. I am excited to offer this product to you and hope you, your family, and you friends will enjoy the product as much as I have enjoyed creating it. I'm also looking forward to providing you with great customer service to compliment our great product.

  Each Pound Of Soy Wax Is Saturated With Fragrance               Fragrance Is Carefully Measured For Max Aroma

     We Take Careful Effort to Insure Quality Products                           Every Shell is Hand Poured Daily